Starlooks Starbox March 2013

Earlier this year, Starlooks announced that the Starbox program would be on a rotation:  All bold one month, all neutral the next, and mixed bold/neutral the last month of the series.  January was a mixed box, and February was an all-bold box, so March was going to be an all-neutral box.  Apparently, that plan got a whole lot of negative feedback, and then there’s the part where sometimes makeup trends dictate a change in plans, so the rotation got scrapped, and March became a mixed month.  This time around we have:



Starbox March 2013 swatches

  • Flutter lipstick (BOLD item, $11) — This is a frosty rust shade.  On some people, it has almost no color and just adds some shimmer, but that is not the case for me *at all*.  Boy howdy, yep, it’s bold.  I love bold colors.  The problem for me is that it’s also very much not my kind of color because I prefer cool colors.  I’m keeping it, though, because I don’t own anything remotely close to it, and it is a color that I have wished I had to go with certain outfits on autumn days.  It might be intended to be wearable during spring, but it’s just so autumnal for me that I know I will be saving it for October.
  • Disarray eye shadow (NEUTRAL item, $12 per the card, although these shadows are currently listed at $9 on the Starlooks site) — Navy eyeshadow!  I’ve actually been meaning to pick up a navy shadow, and now I don’t have to!  (I still need a navy eyeliner pencil, though.)  The above swatch is without primer.  It has a teensy bit of shimmer to it.  To my eye, it looks like a blue-leaning smoky gray, but I wore it the day after I received it, and I was specifically complimented on the “navy,” so I guess the gray thing is just me.  Although I would have expected navy to be considered a bold color because it’s dark, I think it is considered a neutral in the sense that you can wear it with warm or cool colors.  It looked great with my peach shimmery eye wash, and it looked fantastic a different day with stila Color Balm lipstick in Betsey, an eye-searingly bright shade of hot pink (hot pink/fuchsia lip color is one of my standby makeup items.  I must have a dozen different shades and finishes, and I am always on the lookout for more!).  It’s a very versatile color!  It’s not really *springy* to me, but it’s apparently a big color *this* spring.
  • Lengthening mascara (NEUTRAL item, $15) — Black mascara.  I didn’t swatch it because, well, black mascara.  I feel weird swiping my mascara wand across my skin.  It seems extremely unsanitary and an eye infection in the making.  I’ve only worn this once (one part I am not a fan of mascara and rarely wear it, one part OMG ALLERGY HELL WATERY EYES right now), but all reports I’ve read have been raves.  As far as my one-day test went, I wasn’t disappointed, so I guess that’s good.  Mascara just isn’t really *me* (I wear glasses, and lash-lengthening mascara = lashes touching the lenses), so I will just kind of point to all of the other reviews out there if anyone wants to know how it compares to others since I don’t wear it anywhere near enough to form an opinion on any of it.  The sole complaint I’ve found seems to be that it is only now becoming available!

Total value:  $38 (or $35 per the current prices on the site).  Then there’s a bonus item.  Based on the 2013 boxes, it seems like there are three or four “official” items and then a bonus item that is not considered part of the official box and that may or may not be available on its own from Starlooks.  In January, it was an Abby Rose bracelet.  In February, it was Starlooks’ own  lip liner.  This month, it’s a little tub of Vanilla Lip Sugar!  An all-natural lip scrub!  The listed retail value is $2, but it is not actually for sale.  It seems that it is an exclusive Starbox preview.  I was particularly happy to see this because  I need a lip scrub and keep forgetting to pick some up.  If this was to go on sale, I would probably buy several so I could keep one in each bag/purse.

But!  My favorite part:  There is also a special promotion for 20% off all Starlooks eye products, good until May 1st.  It turns out I do am getting federal *and* state tax refunds, so I’m going to be sending a chunk of it Starlooks’ way.  Infinity satin gel liners!  Diamondline pencils!

Overall, though, I’m not really thrilled with this box.  The lipstick color doesn’t work for me, and I don’t wear mascara.  It’s not a complete loss because I do like the navy shadow, and the discount code will mean that I will be able to get a discount in more what I spent on the box, but it’s just not the month for me. You win some (January *and* February) and lose some (March) with subscription boxes, though, so this is to be expected, and one box is not a trend, so I’m crossing my fingers for better luck with April’s box!


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